Depositary Receipts for Digital Assets

Harnessing the widely accepted DR structure to make digital and alternative assets as easy to invest in as traditional securities

RDC: A First-of-Its-Kind Depositary Receipts Platform

Since 1927, depositary receipts (DRs) have evolved to enable foreign equities, debt and commodities to transact, clear and settle just like domestic securities. Today, we’re using DRs to enable institutions to own digital and alternative assets just as easily.

Why DRs for Digital Assets?

Tried and True

More than 6,500 global institutions own DRs today, with combined investment in these securities surpassing $1 trillion

Convenient Access

Through DRs, qualifying investors
can invest in digital assets using their existing technology infrastructure, workflows and counterparty relationships

Robust Risk Management

Working with US-regulated counterparties, intermediaries and vendors for the servicing and maintenance of DRs facilitates asset protection and minimizes risk

Depositary receipts are a simple solution to complex access problems for institutional investors.

Matthew Taback,
Senior Market Maker, GTS


DRs: An Ideal Way to Own Digital Assets

Digital asset DRs enable qualifying investors to directly own, convert and transfer digital assets as DTC-eligible securities. The result? An ideal access product.

Digital Assets Are Just the Beginning

Our team brings decades of combined experience working the ins and outs of DR market structure – and a vision for applying it to digital assets, alternative assets and beyond.


Diving into DRs

Insights and perspectives on DRs and their potential to transform the digital and alternative asset landscape

Get in Touch

To learn more about DRs, your next step is setting up a call with us.


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